Kevin, attached is our pride and joy gunny. Born april 10th, 2005. He is such a great dog and has brought so much joy and love to our family. we can't thank you enough. Owners, Mark and Therasa coates... San Diego


Here is a picture of Duke and my son in the field this year. This is Duke's second year in the field and he is a wonderful retriever and pheasant dog. He is a super friendly and very intellegent dog as well. I could not be happier. Thank you, Jim



Hey Kev, ozzie is a great dog in every way. Thanks man, see the pics.



Hi Kevin, We adopted Duke (3-1-04, sire-rockypoints thunder rolls, dam-dixie chick.) at six months and just found out about your site. We wanted you to know that we could not be happier with the best doggone dog in the whole world. He's smart, affectionate, athletic, mellow , and he smiles when he's happy or thinks he is in serious trouble. steve and teresa, la mesa, ca.


Hi Kevin - Here's a couple new pictures of Sadie. Her registered name is Sadie Bella Lou Owens. She is doing great and getting a lot of love and attention from her new family. Happy Holidays. -co P.S. Feel free to post any of these on your website. 



We just wanted to thank you for the cutest addition to our family. She is doing great and has added excitement to each and every day. Once she figures out that our cat is not a wrestling partner she will have a best friend. Both of us could not have been more pleased with our Maddie. Thanks again!! Jeff and Lacey, Placentia CA



This is Michael Spigner. My M-I-L, Terri Trevillian bought a lab from you over a week ago and she loves her. Her name is Buffy. You asked for picture of my lab that we bought from you two years ago. I have attached a picture of Geronimo who was born 4/2/02 and his parents are Arrogant Oakley and That Kinda Girl. He is a beautiful and intelligent dog. Thanks, Michael




Owners: Worden Family, San Francisco CA Not sure if my wife called you, but we did get "Harley", and she is the cutest fattest puppy ever. So far she seems to be most taken with my two year old daughter and my son. She is actually very well-behaved and so far and has had only a few accidents inside the house. Have you been training her? She doesn't seem new to the idea of not doing her business inside. Thanks very much!


Owner: Kyle Krueger, North Dakota. Shown with trainer Bo Taylor



Owner: Beth, San Diego, CA


Bryce and Zion

Owners: Michael & Kim Freed, Pasa Robles, CA Just to let you know that the pups are doing great and are healthier than ever. They start their puppy education on the 29th and evryone has fallen in love with them. They are better than learners than expected for their age and we are certain the both will make the Rockypoint name something to be proud of. We will be sending you some of their pictures as well as their xmas picture. Thank you Michael & Kim Freed



Owners: The Scavone Family, Big Bear CA Hi guys! Just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed adding Oakley to our family! He is doing great! He is already 20 lbs. and growing up fast with an attitude! He LOVES the snow, four wheeling, grass, and living in the mountains. We can’t thank you enough…he is a wonderful (spoiled rotten) addition to our home. Sincerely, Dave, Diane & Jake Scavone (and Oakley too).




Owners: Jeff and Lacey, Placentia CA Here are some of Maddie's firsts...........

.......first time seeing her sister Dixie after they left the litter.

.......first time breaking the rules at the pool and learning how to swim with Jeff. (Thanks MaryAnn and Big Jeff!!!)

.......first time learning bad manners from uncle Baloo by asking for food.

.......first time taking a mud bath.

.......first time at the beach. (A special thanks to the Moklers!!)

Lacey Ginter





Owner: Katie M I began training my Rockypoint Lab, Boo, in agility a few months ago and he is the perfect agility dog. He is very high-drive, loves playing fetch, and has excellent structure. He is a very quick learner and should be ready to compete sometime next year. I can already tell he's going to be great if I can keep up with him! Boo is a really great all-around dog. He loves attention and would sit on my feet being petted for hours if I let him. He also goes backpacking and mountain bike riding with me, plays with the Golden a lot, and loves to swim. I will definitely recommend you to any agility people looking for a field Lab! I attached a few pictures of Boo doing agility in the backyard. He sure has a blast out there!

Owner: Rusty W Hi Kevin: You sold us a yellow female lab a few months back. She is 6 months old now and a wonderful puppy. Takes me back to when I was a kid again with "Barney". Thanks again! These days she goes at least 5 days a week to the dog park near our home because our back yard is so small. She is an incredibly bright puppy who knows all her commands except "heel" which she does when she feels like it. I have an enormously modified Jeep Wrangler and the passenger seat is her spot and she knows it. We all love her. Cheers!



Hi, i purchased my yellow lab from you. Sadie was born 12/01/03. I came and picked her out 1/17/04. I think her parents were thunder rolls and let her fly (not positive). I just wanted to send you an update on her.... she is the love of my life, she is wonderful.... i stay really busy just repeating obedience classes and keeping her socialized whith animals and children. I've certified her now as a therapy dog. We go into hospitals, reading programs in the libraries with children and abused children's home. she is wonderful... Owner-- Cindy Sanchez.



Kevin, i love visiting your site and seeing the new litter of puppies you have. We love Bryce and Zion. They are wonderful boys. Their temperments could not be better. I was looking at some of the other testimonials and saw the picture we sent for their first Christmas. They were only four months old. Here are some new pictures of them doing what they do best. I can't believe they are already two. It seems like yesterday when we were coming out to your place to pick them up. Thanks again for helping us with these wonderful additions to our family, Kim and Michael Freed


Kevin, I hope all is well with you and rockypoint retrievers. I wanted to give you an update on how Zeke is doing with our family. He is a great dog, very obedient, smart, playful, and loves to please. He seems to love people and other dogs more than himself at times! He is now exactly 7 months in these pictures, weighs 68lbs and hopefully has more room to grow. We have contacted a water obedience trainer in the area to introduce some water skills for him. We couldn't be any happier with our Zeke and when we feel the time to add another lab to our family we will definetely contact rockypoint. thanks again, Ryan Ballas Laguna Hills, Ca



Hello Kevin, Just writing you for an update on Kona. She is doing great. I have not had one sleepless night with her. She loves to sleep! She is doing so good learning everything a puppy has to learn at first. She is a beautiful dog. Kona has all the traits i was looking for in a dog. She will be a great dog for bird hunting. Thank you again for such a wonderful animal. Happy Lab owners in Ventura, CA, Ryan and Monica Kennedy.




I just wanted to say thanks for max. We never met, you were out of town when we bought Max but your father was house sitting. It was only Max and his sister left since we were looking for a male we got Max. He's from rockypoints ready to run/ CH castle rock magical merlins litter. He's the best hunting partner I've ever had. he picks things up so easy, it was a breaze to train him. He was able to get his Junior hunt title at 11 months. He could have gotten it a lot sooner but he missed some tests. We are now working on his senior hunt title. Max has also made a great addition to our family. He has the most gentle temperment. Our cat is one of his best friends. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Jared Lara and family.


Hi Kevin, I just wanted to send you a few new pictures of Jordan. She'll be 14 weeks old tomorrow and as of last saturday she weighed 21 Lbs. She's growing out of her puppy fat and getting taller every day. We've had a few health problems (normal puppy stuff), but she is great now! She's very smart and learning a lot from her big sister. thanks again, Paula



Hi there, Just wanted to check in and tell you how our little Niko is doing. He is great. Loving life in LA... going to all the hip outdoor restaurants (where doggies can go) he even went to hip Viceroy Hotel outdoor bar by the pool were they bring your little pup water in a hip little white dish. They even bring them doggie cookies. However life is pretty much simple when we are home; We give him SOOO much love it is crazy. My husband Jeff is in LOVE with him which in turn makes me love my husband even more. We couldn't be happier with our little Niko. So thank you so very much for bringing into this world and into our lives. Best, Tricia Graup


Hi Kevin and family. Hope everything is well!. jJust touching basis wtih you. "Rowdy II is doing well, very spoiled and loveable pooch, has grown so much, and he is almost at the age to be a 2 year old lab in november. Has become the most important part of my life, the best company. Rowdy is the only thing on earth that loves me more than he loves himself. He cuddles, he speaks, he whings, loves his walks mornings and afternoons, looks forward to go the park on the weekends, and enjoys watching who ever walks in front of his property. He sure is an aborable dog! Here is Rowdy, will send more pictures soon, so that you can see howmuch he has grown, he has remain inside the house with the ac during the summer, couldn't left him outside in the heat, he was better off than other people. Take care. Looking forward to hearing from you. Would like so much to have his picture posted on your website.








Enzo is now 7 months old and is 60lbs of fun. We were in the High Sierra's last week and he had a blast, the water was so cold. My guess would be about 35 degrees, but i couldnt keep him out of the water. thanks again for the wonderful dog.

         Patrick Muldown.


Kevin, thanks for boone, so far he has been a phenomenal dog. within one hour i had him lead trained and sitting. He is a very mellow dog and desires to please, so far he has exceeded my expetations. I am training him for hunting ducks, Quail and pheasants. The qualities he has shown are spot on for the type of dogs i like to hunt over. He retrieves out to about 15 yards now and is already showing signs of being able to hold at mark well. I was also able to kenel train him in the first day and as of right now he only gets up once a night to relieve himself. Here is a little video i did of his first day.

Thanks, Tony Catalde

             The bearded boar and slim stick productions.





HI, Kevin
I hope you and your family are having a good year so far!  I wanted to send a few pictures of Holly.  She is the BEST dog EVER!  We love her so much!
All our best,
Jana & James Martin



Sending a few photos of Chunk on this, Friday the 13th of July, his First Birthday !!! 
 He's 81 solid pounds & a beautiful, perfect puppy !!!   He's current with shots, AVID chipped,
 groomed every Friday and very easily trained and receptive.  We thank you for this beautiful 
addition to our family,

 Joe and Evanka Buttafuoco