Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

With this contract the above named seller guarantees the above puppy/dog:
1. is a purebred, registered with the AKC, and that the pedigree is correct to the best of our knowledge, 2. is free of any health problems within 48 hours of purchase (the buyer may, at buyer’s option and expense, have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian). After the 48-hour period the buyer becomes responsible for all veterinarian costs and health problems, 3. is free of hip dysplacia and that the eyes are clear of hereditary defects. For this guarantee to be honored the claim must be made before the dog’s 3rd birthday. The dog must be found dysplastic by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals. Eyes must be diagnosed as having progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) or central progressive retinal atrophy by a qualified veterinary ophthalmologist.

This guarantee applies to the original buyer only.
Dogs used for breeding are not guaranteed. Buyer must keep and display signed copy of guarantee for it to be honored.

If any of the guarantees above are not met, the puppy will be replaced or a full refund will be granted within 26 weeks of notification. Once puppy/dog leaves premises seller will have a period up to 26 weeks, from date of notification, to refund or replace puppy/dog. To ensure defects will not be passed on, the buyer, at his or her expense must spay or neuter the puppy/dog before a refund or new puppy will be granted.

These guarantees are dependent upon demonstration that the puppy/dog has received adequate care and nutrition. Abuse or neglect in any way that affects the development or well being of the puppy/dog will void these guarantees.

The guarantee above is subject to change without notice. The guarantee included in the contract executed at the time of the sale will bind seller, the above guarantee does not. This breeder must receive a signed guarantee within 30 days of purchase of puppy for it to be honored.